After “retiring” from the world of RTOs (Registered Training Organisations), I was told by a couple of very highly respected “industry thought leaders” that I couldn’t retire and that I’d be bored; that I was too young to retire (hahaha); the I “still had a lot to offer the industry” and that I should “stay involved”, as a consultant, and continue to be active in the industry.

We shall see how that goes!

I’ve set up TT Rowe & Co to do all that, and to maintain my connections, and to – hopefully – continue to assist the many good, successful, hard-working and professional agents across Australia to navigate their way through the often confusing, conflicted and contradictory utterances of the industry regulators; and the often irrational, unfounded and (occasionally) unhinged utterances of various industry associations who believe they represent the “industry”, when, in fact, they are as self-serving as any self-serving entity could be, and who often fail to recognise the harm they do to the industry with their attempts to demonstrate a relevance that waned a long time ago.

Over the 20+ years that I’ve had in this industry – initially as an outsider looking in, then as an inside observer, then as an industry participant – I’ve come to appreciate it for what it is … a unique, valuable, niche market.

The property sector in Australia has one or two foibles – but which industry doesn’t? It has a few who believe they hold the secrets to success – some are charlatans; some are successful; some are excellent at marketing; some are just good, solid, hard-working people who deserve their success, and who just “get on with it”!

I’ve met some crook real estate agents, but I’ve also met one or two pretty ordinary accountants, and lawyers, and doctors, and mechanics over the years!

As an industry sector – despite the (largely inaccurate) perceptions of the general public – it is my contention that it is a pretty good sector! A significant proportion of the industry works hard to achieve the very best outcome for their clients, in an ever-changing, and highly regulated, environment.