The services and solutions offered by TT Rowe & Co can be accessed in a variety of ways – depending on the individual client or business needs, and the parameters of the project/s.

Per month

Up to 15 hours

Retainer: $5,000
Additional: $150/hr

Per month

Up to 10 hours

Retainer: $3,500
Additional: $175/hr

Per day

6 hours

Retainer: $1,200
Additional: $150/hr

Per day

3 hours

Retainer: $800
Additional: $175/hr

Casual / ad hoc 30 minute meeting

In Person / Electronic


Casual / ad hoc 60 minute meeting

In person / Electronic


Agency Compliance Check

In Person / Electronic

Provide guidance on, and preparation for, a compliance audit by NSW Fair Trading. Be ready for a “walk-in” visit. How to ensure compliance. Prepare your staff and business.

Terms and Conditions

  • Per month engagement is for a minimum of 3 months.
  • No “banking” of hours unless prior arrangement is made.
  • Per hour rates are per hour or part thereof.
  • Invoices are 14-day terms, issued on the last day of the month.
  • Each month commences on the first day and ends on the last day of the month (i.e. a calendar month).
  • Travel and accommodation costs are additional if physical attendance is required.
  • Domestic flights are with Qantas or Virgin ONLY (not Jetstar, REX or other services – unless there is no Qantas or Virgin service to the destination).
  • Reasonable travel time is included in the determination of fees – and negotiated prior to engagement.
  • All fees are ex-GST.
  • For additional/alternative options, please make a free call to Tony to discuss.
  • Purchase of one of these products is acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.